Sep 20, 2021

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Please, please give the world all the plumbers it needs—

This Week on ThoughtWorld: 9/20

The Thinkers of ThoughtWorld believe in the plumbers of America.

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Lots of Thinkers and Users are rallying behind the idea that America needs a skilled workforce, and that we’re not doing enough to build the next generation of plumbers and electricians. In fact, two of the five Top Thoughts on the ThoughtWorld social media platform pertain to labor and trades.

Driving much of the recent activity is a thought about a particular trade: plumbing.

Anonymous Thinker @Solomon posted the thought: “Plumbing is a good and admirable profession,” and it gained a lot of traction.

Solomon’s reasoning for the thought seems to be that much of society’s focus is on going to college to earn a degree and join a high-paying field. Becoming a plumber does not require a degree, but rather a different path and Solomon thinks it and other trades may be looked down upon.

The thought earned 34 interactions and a 28.6 percent positive rating from ThoughtWorld’s anonymous users since it was posted on April 16, 2021.

A similar thought, posted by anonymous Thinker @Cosette in March 2021, broadens the scope.

“Trades should be recognized as just as viable a career opportunity as college.”

Cosette goes onto say that because of the stigma against trade and labor careers created by society’s focus on higher education, the country is in desperate need of tradesmen and women to help rebuild crumbling infrastructure.

Cosette’s thought drew 58 responses and a +50.2 feet of altitude.

Coming in at № 2 on the Top Thought’s list this week is from anonymous Thinker Ishmael who says that “California’s ‘bullet train’ has wasted billions of dollars that should have been used for other things.”

The reasoning behind the thought from Ishmael seems to be that the high speed rail won’t serve the communities it was intended to help and the money spent on it could have been better used on municipal projects like road improvements.

Ranking third on our Top Thoughts list this week is an entry in the national discussion over transgender rights. Anonymous Thinker @Ishmael — who scores three of our top five thoughts on the platform — says that “Women’s collegiate sports will be destroyed if men who identify as women are allowed to compete”

Ishmael says the issue comes down to biology and unfair advantage. The Thought has drawn 37 interactions and 30 feet of positive altitude since it was posted on March 13, 2021.

The final entries in our Top Thoughts have to do with parenting. Anonymous Thinker @Ishmael says that “Children do better in school if their parents are engaged in their education.” The Thought drew 43 interactions and a 38.2 positive rating since it was posted to ThoughtWorld on April 6.

Anonymous Thinker @OldScot takes a similar approach to parenting responsibilities saying “Teaching good money habits to children early in life helps them to be more successful later in life.” OldScot believes that those lessons will affect not just financial well being but also health and self esteem, too. Plenty of people agree: the thought drew 49 interactions and a 43.4 feet of positive altitude since it was posted to ThoughtWorld on Apr 19, 2021.

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